“The Artist” – Gone Native Productions – Taipei 48 Hour Film Challenge

One month in Taiwan.

One whimsical desire of a dream (whilst on the plane ride there) to work on a film whilst fixing my teeth for a fraction of what it would cost in the US.

Got the privilege to work on this short film, my first on a 48-hour challenge!

At first meeting, I heard about the project and went out of my comfort zone, daring to ask Tobie Openshaw, the Director/Producer, “Could I be a Production Assistant or be of any help for the project?” Not only did I get the opportunity to collaborate in such an extraordinary fashion – complete a short film within 48 hours with an impeccable team, I became Unit Production Manager by the end of the film project!! And it was only my 3rd week in Taipei!

SO Blessed to have become a part of the Gone Native Family!! We worked so seamlessly as if we’d done it all together before (crammed in a tiny studio in god knows how hot it was in there with all that sweat)! You guys amaze and inspire me with your passion and dedication! I can’t wait to work with you again on your projects and mine!! Wow! Grateful! Love!

“The Artist”

Gone Native Productions


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