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We have a new page up!!! It’s Aliss… I’ve transcended from the fear of having the few visitors fly off into other sites that I would list here, to finally realizing this site is here as a steward, to be of service to those who are seeking positive, uplifting, and inspiring media and experiences. It’s not a loss by any means. If anyone finds something valuable they’re looking for because of this site, then it will have served its purpose as a catalyst. And that gives me great joy.

Even though this site is not yet in the position I would like to see it at simply because there is barely any money left in the piggy bank, this is still a magical love baby I’m nurturing and birthing into the world so that it can be of the greatest service possible. I have so much gratitude for everyone and everything that has supported me thus far and am honored to be able to move forward at our own pace. If you’re reading this, please (continue to) support in any way you can whether it’s an email, a donation or sharing this site with someone… My deepest thank you <3

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