On To The Next Festie: Joshua Tree Music Festival

May 12-15

Super busy packing or repacking All.The.Things. And updating posts here & there… Catching up on bills & recharging batteries (of all kinds 😉

Dad got me a new camp pot. Yay! He was like, “Don’t use your old pot, I used it to boil bleach & sodium to hand wash the special dry cleaning items…” “Um, Dad, I’ve already taken it out on my journey the past couple months… cooking up food to eat…”

I love my Dad. I love my Mom. Even if they don’t understand what I’m doing with this project. Even if they don’t yet support it the way I hope they would (like leave their inspirational message to their future selves)… They support in their little ways… even if it’s usually trying to convince me to get out of doing this and get on with securing a “real job” again with a “stable paycheck”, 401K, medical/dental, and you know, the works, so I can finally save some money and get myself a house. So I can be “normal” like everyone else. I’m not normal like everyone else. And that’s ok. Rather than walking the path others have trekked over and over again, I’m paving my own path, one that brings me more joy and bliss and the knowing that I’m on the right path. I know they just want to see me succeed in my endeavors. And this is a looooooonnnnnnnnng form project, bigger than anything else I’ve ever taken on… but because I can, and I choose to make a difference in the world, and with my life. I hope they’ll get to see & understand one day soon… <3 Off to work the festie (& maybe capture a few inspirational messages while I'm at it)!

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