Lunar New Year 2016 & New Moon in Aquarius!

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

It’s the Chinese and Tibetan year of the Fire Monkey, the 9th animal of the 12 zodiac signs. Monkey is after the 8th (Sheep) and before the 10th (Chicken). It’s also a new moon that is followed by an unusual void moon.

We Love astral insights curated by:

MysticMamma Fire Monkey February 8, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius February 8, 2016

As we roll into the new year… it’s another opportunity to ask ourselves:

  • What are my intentions this year?
  • How will I nurture my dreams into realities?
  • In what ways will I connect with others to support our dreams and aspirations?
  • How are we connecting with the earth, respecting, and honoring all things and all matter as we would honor ourselves?
  • In what ways can I stay open to whatever comes my way, staying zen and focused in the flow of things no matter what monkey wrench is thrown into the mix?

I’m continuing to focus on my alignment between my thoughts, words, actions, and when I catch myself going astray, I forgive myself with a reminder to return to the course, because my intention is to be in alignment body, mind, and soul to focus on achieving the dreams I am here to manifest through love experienced (even if the parents still don’t understand and are not supportive in the way I would like, I know continuing to realize this dream will make a difference in someone’s life, as it already has, and that makes all the difference in mine).


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