Living The Dream… And Laundry

So, it’s a Wednesday, and I as I’ve returned to the city post Joshua Tree Music Festival, I find myself filling in for someone at a family member’s dry cleaning shop. Mu nose always itches when I come here… it’s either the sprays or the dirty clothes. Haha. But every dollar helps.

Living the dream after making that major conscious shift also means putting in lots of hard work… often in alternative spaces than that which one studied in school (wait, I didn’t study electronics or engineering but ended up working in high tech electronics manufacturing within 4 months out of college. Wait, actually, I hadn’t graduated at that time… cuz I found out that I had failed Death. Yes, I’ve failed Death, multiple times. But that’s for another blog post. This was a sociology class called Death. I really don’t remember how I failed it. Really. And… then I worked for about a decade in electronics as one of the youngest in my depts). Ha.

Where was I? O ya, so this is one of the Many jobs I’ve taken on since my departure from corporate in 2011. And I am filled with gratitude at the timing in which this has come about… because I’m rarely “home”. I’ve been traveling a lot for work this past year. I asked for lots of travel and travels I received! Up and down the coast of California, into Oregon, and down south to Mexico, and Costa Rica, further across the pond to Taiwan.

I’ve recently been calling in work opportunities, love, and awesomeness to arrive easily… And it is. I’m getting clearer, and I’m calling in ease and flow of financial abundance and the right players with and for my dream work. I am so blessed to walk this path with the support and love that comes right when I need it most. Thank You Universe! Muah!

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