Inspiration Along The Journey…

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Met a bunch of new friends on the Amtrak train, all delightful journey makers from an Amish couple on their 2nd honeymoon who left their organic farming business to their 10 children to look after in Minnesota, to a ten-hour train romance that ended with a lovely kiss at my stop, to sharing my celibacy journey with an enlightening plain clothed (you would’ve never guessed) Catholic Nun accompanied by a Jesuit Priest, to being caroled into happy hour drinks & tarot reading with these lovely people all unlikely to have met in everyday life, creating wondrous possibilities from life’s challenges, together, sharing a cathartic experience in our own lil private party car (that’s us above! HeHeHe).  If any of you are reading this, please connect with me. I love your spirit and your energy. You’ve provided such happiness along the DreamShiftInspire journey! Thank You for sharing You!!! I’m wishing & sending each of you the most brilliant joy, bliss, and <3 each and every day!

And capturing this shot along the way…. Why it took sooo long to post this little video I took & edited on the iPhone… (shrug).  I Love how easily everything’s come together & how fitting David Block’s track paired with it!! This inspires me to have fun with editing!

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