Final Hours of Editing AND Humbly Asking For Help From Supporters Near & Far <3

In the last 26 hours-ish of getting the first cut of the documentary short together! It’s looking WOW! Having to comb through the hundreds of hours of footage (and then some) has been incredibly inspiring!!! I didn’t realize when I was filming ie. juggling between keeping the camera stable & participant in frame, battery life, lighting, audio levels (or if the audio was on or static-ridden), any and all environmental noise & interferences,  timing, hunger, energy, staying engaged with the participant(s) with questions, responses silent and audible, often squashing my normal enthusiasm and conversation style in order to get as clean audio as possible (as it was a challenge), and hoping the participant wouldn’t just get up and run or think that what I was doing was silly, insignificant… or worse, dumb….

That these messages from incredibly enlightening beings would inspire me twice bringing me synchronistic messages of revelation and hope, especially during some of the darkest hours…

My deepest hope was that this collection of shares would be able to illuminate even just one soul in their deepest darkest moments, and the highest desire that it would spur a movement and social cultural experiment (I’m working on building it) that would bring sparks of hope and inspiration for humanity.

Even if no one else were to see this besides me and you…

Your sharing has touched this one very blessed soul.

You’ve given me the light to carry forward this torch. I am honored beyond words.

And even if there’s only a couple hundred dollars left in the bank due to a number of circumstances… I’m trusting in the universe and the unfolding in perfect time along this epic adventure… this Aliss in Wangderland… that everything will come through. I just gotta focus on one step at a time. And the current step is the fulfillment of the promise I made to myself, to complete the first cut of the documentary short by Dec. 31st, 2015.  These inspirational messages, they need to be shared with the world to heal, to share love, to inspire a Love Revolution of ourselves as others and others as ourselves. Whew! That just gushed forth! I’m so touched by You!

So, in order to raise funds (to get back to LA from Ashland, pay rent, utilities, & getting 2 molar crowns so I can be pain-free and o ya, fully chew again, food, and festival entry fees):

I’m selling a few items on Ebay:
I’m also rebooting my coaching practice with a New Year’s Special

And if you’re just wanting to help by donating, every dollar is a special dollar indeed. Please Paypal MePayPal DreamShiftInspire  

Thank You SO MUCH For Your Generosity and Support To Realize This Dream!

~ Humbled, Aliss

Egypt Dec. 2012 Hotel Mercure Staff signs DreamShiftInspire scroll with messages of inspiration

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