Green Ecstasy Festival (Nov. 21 – 23) Taipei, Taiwan

It was a pleasure hugging you, especially those who participated in our hugs, huggassages, (partial) workshops, and hikes atop the amazing 虎山 during the festival. We designed and built this Dream.Shift.Inspire. pyramid lounge in one day thanks to Shinko, Goma, Bruce, and 姜斌. Anything is possible when we put our minds to it. I’m looking forward to leading future workshops & filming more inspirations for my documentary “Dream.Shift.Inspire.” in Taiwan. Feel free to friend me and I’ll add you to the the upcoming news/workshop list. 

Remember to hug as much as you can, friends, family, and lovers (even new friends if they’re open to it) to develop oxytocin! 「當人們與愛侶或好友或新友熱烈擁抱時, 身體會釋放「催產素」(hormone oxytocin)。」

「催產素有助降低血壓、舒緩壓力、 增加對人的信任感、減少恐懼焦慮。 所以一個 (6 seconds+ 一起呼吸的)擁抱就能產生大大的能量, 不僅會讓心情變得輕鬆愉悅,並可 能增強記憶力。」

Be the 3% that affects the 97% In more positive ways than you can now imagine. Hug more. Love more. Communicate more authentically. 多抱抱. 多愛. 更真實地溝通. May your light be a light for others around you. Live in Love. Love in Life.

Remember: Life happens for you, not to you. 

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