Envision Festival – ​Uvita, Domincal, Costa Rica (Feb 27 – Mar 3)​

The bug struck many of us during our amazing time in Egypt…. such being the case, the documentary gleefully followed many artists who converged in Egypt… to the beautiful lush jungles of Envision Festival in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has been really eye opening. It taught us to open our minds, let go of expectations, even if some prominent folk promised us a much looked forward to interview, then backed out onsite without much of an explanation except to hang out with other people, it was quite a disappointment, in ourselves actually, for not getting the interviews we aimed to acquire for making this journey worthwhile. To justify the costs of the trip. We had very little money as is. So the thought of squandering the money for a journey that had the potential of ending up with nothing on film…. after bringing all that equipment…. Learning to let go wasn’t easy, especially with tropical storms and the potential of losing all our equipment, dragging our legs in mud up to our calves, being on our hands and knees wiping down lamp oil and rain on the Luna Stage working up a sweat in the rain, on guard on the edges of the stage with a large wet cloth (that’s how we enabled ourselves to be there within budget, we volunteered as fire safety, medical, and gate).

We learned to let go of expectations. We learned to value and cherish the moments of real connection, as such as that with a cluster of new friends on the beach discussing going beyond the norm and surpassing fears; and being invited into a 7 man tent with new friends from Calgary during a tropical downpour that devastated a large number of tents, and created a giggly face stickering bonding time for 17 people piled comfortably within said tent. Then there were the special singular connections made with human beings who appeared right when we needed someone, with comforting eyes, big enveloping hugs, helpful messages, and we are awash with love, centered and grounded again.

*And on the way out of Costa Rica, a chance encounter with David Block, The Human Experience at the coffee counter of the airport, turned into introductions with Ill-Esha and Ali Luminescent, that spurred such inspiring on-the-spot interviews, and an invitation to trek back to LA to film Ill-Esha’s new album release party at King King with Phutureprimitive! Learning to let go of expectations welcomed unexpected surprises much more authentic and rewarding that what was expected!

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