Editing in Oregon

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated here. Simply put, there’s been a lot that’s happened in life, and a lot that has been placed on hold for this project due to limitations on finances.

However, that’s not keeping this project on the back burner. No Sir! I’ve taken out this last month to hideaway in a cozy little cottage in Ashland, Oregon, hunkering down to get a rough cut together.

That is, a rough cut of the documentary short of this project as a proof of concept. The feature length documentary would require more research and an experiment in a larger capacity. So let’s first focus on getting this piece of the puzzle together. It’s a super tight timeline, and super duper leeeeean finances to carry through the new year, which is always perfectly enough! I welcome financial richness to enter my life in perfect time.

And a big shootout of GRATITUDE for the incredible universe and everyone on this journey with me! I’m getting to wield my wand of creativity and genius in this lovely cottage from a friend, realizing another dream of mine since watching Julia Roberts in Dying Young so many years ago… that I would get to venture on a road trip to Oregon to take a month long (or more) residence in a beautiful house, with a body of water close by, and near a little quaint village of loving, happy people whose festivities I get to be a part of during my artistic getaway… Rebirth!  So here I am, in my cottage next to the river and hiking trails, a hot tub and meditation space, and just blocks away from the festivities of the main street, with all kinds of spirit animals visiting daily… I Love This Life! Absolutely Blessed! And it snowed last week! This truly is a wonderland!

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