Closed The Chapter on 2015. Welcoming The Magic of 2016!

As I completed the first rough cut of Dream.Shift.Inspire. by the stroke of the last second, I reflected on the intention to create a focus on a short on the inspirations. However, the flow of the story wanted to become more expansive and incorporative. I’ve always been able to write many many pages… condensing down to succinctness, that is a skill I am learning to master. Thank you for the opportunity to do so with this body of work, and with my life that is unfolding accordingly.

In so many ways, the chapter on 2015 is now closed in a time vacuum all its own. I am So grateful that my friend Martin Dragonfly put me on his guest list last night for The Armory. I made it to the last 15 minutes of his set & managed to close down the venue chatting about DreamShiftInspire with new friends, Kayla and Rik (whom I’ll be hanging with Sunday!). If he had not done that, I would have just stayed home, kept trying to tinker away at the body of work some more…. and wallowed in thoughts of a relationship that isn’t vibing in the direction that fulfills or enriches me. I met lovely people of Ashlandia!

…. then came home to a bottle of champagne.

So I awoke a couple hours ago, realizing I Did make those status updates on FB… feeling awash with possible remorse at posting-under-the-influence (*wink) and then realizing, that was an expression of experimentation I wanted to put forth. So whatever I posted was what I really felt at the time versus what I think the outside world wants to see.

I “just happened” to post this at 6:06AM:

Good morning 2016! I’m calling forth my King, Co-Creating Partner-in-Love-in-Crime-in-Fun this year. And calling forth the successful development of Dream.Shift.Inspire. Documentary and web platform to inspire ourselves & the world together through timely experimentation! If anybody is interested In pitching in to help cocreate this adventure or any other adventures, PM me! I’d love to hear from ya!

2015, you kicked my ass & then some! This donkey thanks you for the precious lessons so I can see myself more fully & evolve with greater compassion, less judgement, and overflowing with love to serve the highest purpose… with a giggle wink emoticon

Thank you family & friends for your undying support near & far… It means the world to me.

I meant to write and post that to the world, to call forth what I have been thinking and saying in my mind and in my heart. So now, in my expressed words to remind me to align my actions accordingly. I’m calling in my King who treats me as a Queen, because we honor each other so. I awoke this morning thinking, I love myself. I love my body. I love my mind. I love this home. I love all that I am surrounded by, all that is drawn to me and I to them. I feel so much gratitude, gosh there’s such depth in what that word conveys, I am humbled by it and by EVERYONE and EVERYTHING supporting me in this journey. I bow to you for your kindness and devotion to furthering this purpose. I will not let you down.

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