C’est La Vie 2017! Bonjour 2018!

That was a really, really rough year universe, for not just myself, but for SO many of us! I’ve heard so many stories of hardship. What a reset!

The last few months were the most challenging for me in all areas of my life. It was like everyone was hanging on for dear life! We experienced the great fires throughout always sunny California like never before. We saw catastrophes around the world like never before. We witnessed insanity in the people we’ve elected to govern our livelihood. We either participated or watched as the #metoo movement dolled out high powered men who preyed upon females in some of the saddest ways one human being could treat another, and have gotten away with it for decades! Well, we have been living for generations this way.

Change is what has been on EVERYONE’s psyche. The strength of all that energy… Whoa.

There is so much stirring being felt in January still. Change is still abound. There is great movement for us this month and in months to come this year. There is great excitement to move forward in a profoundly methodological and fervent way that lay dormant in 2017. We have already seen great numbers of women stepping forward to run for government offices. We have seen corporations step the male perpetrators down. We have seen an unprecedented number of officials step down.

I have seen both women and men amongst my friends hold themselves accountable for their #itwasme  actions, apologize for any offenses, being open to receiving input, and sharing of #metoo long held traumas. Blessings to you, who have bravely shared. Thank you to those who have held both the feminine and masculine in sacred harmony with one another. I know that when the time is right, I too will bring to light my personal stories in a way that is also healing and harmonizing.

Even our Mother Earth has been responding with natural disasters and lost lives around the world, especially in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sierra Leone, Columbia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Peru, Afghanistan, China, Zimbabwe. We are fortunate that only a small number of rumbles have emerged thus far in the ocean floors surrounding and under California fault lines where many are expecting a “big one”.  Are you prepared? I have my “Go-Bags”. Have you gotten your emergency Go-Bags ready for yourself, your family, and a little extra to help someone else out in the event that is needed? I keep something in my daily travel pack, my car, and in the home. Here’s my list in case you’re wondering what to pack:

And I got myself a copy of my friend’s Emergency Survival Manual that’s super useful in an assortment of situations:

And I have yet to get my solar hand crank radio:

There is still much flux, to put it mildly.  I wonder as I’m back to editing Dream.Shift.Inspire. again this month: What if a message from this project is exactly what is needed by our people to help restore balance? After all, we are all part of the great puzzle. Maybe in a way, they’re just like my Go-Bag Packing List… an emergency preparedness kit.