Who We Are

Me Desert Hearts 3.2013

I am you and you are me. What I see in you reflects the me in you.

There is a growing community of amazing Dream Makers contributing to the creation of this beautiful story and experiential movement.

And For Those Who Have Transitioned

You Continue To Inspire Us To Continue Living Our Purpose



Tony Sher 

Tony Carl Fredrickson Sher

(December 10, 1972 ~ July 15, 2013)

Thank you for sharing shamanic wisdom through easily overlooked modern day discourse and activities. We have witnessed your care for detail for everything that matters. Your uncanny knack for being there at just the right time, with just the right words and resources for every single person whose life you’ve touched is a beautiful inspiration for us.


© Omar Nazif


Rae Ann Branson

(March 8, 1993 ~ March 23, 2013)

Remembering our little huddle amidst the wintry cold, sharing dreams… your all-encompassing holistic spa sanctuary, bringing all our healer friends’ talents together to serve a greater good…. Jan 1, 2013

 Aliss Wang is the architect of this life as art project, as Producer, Director, and Camerawoman of Dream.Shift.Inspire.  In her spare time (giggle) she enjoys self-reflections, collaborating with friends on musical journeys and lyrical musings, and holding space as a guardian at conscious festivals and gatherings around the world. This is her story; this is our story, about how we realize our dreams through conscious shifts, and how we inspire ourselves and the the world around us…


Deep, humbled gratitude for Each And Every Contributor on this journey.

This Dream would not be realized without you.

 Thank you for being an inspiration for us and for the world! 

(In alphabetical order)