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Deeper Journey Within…

It has been a while since I’ve last updated. I’ve been on a deeper inner journey than the present journey of this documentary. I’ve been exposed to more about myself, the light self and especially the shadow self. And after two years of mulling things over and rewriting my application essay at least a million times whilst traveling through California and Oregon, I’ve finally decided to go back to school and take on significant debt to attain my Masters degree. […]

Editing in Oregon

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated here. Simply put, there’s been a lot that’s happened in life, and a lot that has been placed on hold for this project due to limitations on finances. However, that’s not keeping this project on the back burner. No Sir! I’ve taken out this last month to hideaway in a cozy little cottage in Ashland, Oregon, hunkering down to get a rough cut together. That is, a rough cut of the documentary […]

YOUtopia San Diego Burningman DECOM (Oct 17 – 20) San Diego, CA :​

Record Your  “Inspiration Message To Your Future Self” at the Dream-Shift-Inspire Pyramid Sanctuary. Find us parked right between The Temple and The Mural by Hill and Zack!