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2019 Year of the Pig

Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year of the Earth Pig! This is a year of prosperity, abundance, luck, and joy! There has a been a huge lag between the last time I posted and now. Suffice to say, there has been a lot of healing and growth with sufficient challenges and busy-ness. I’ve been contemplating between letting go of this project, and rewriting the storyline. I had a deadline last year, and did not make it. I’ve gotten up the nerve to […]

C’est La Vie 2017! Bonjour 2018!

That was a really, really rough year universe, for not just myself, but for SO many of us! I’ve heard so many stories of hardship. What a reset! The last few months were the most challenging for me in all areas of my life. It was like everyone was hanging on for dear life! We experienced the great fires throughout always sunny California like never before. We saw catastrophes around the world like never before. We witnessed insanity in the […]

Whoa… Psych Grad School Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

Talk about going into the depth of self discovery! I knew what I was getting myself into, however, there were some really challenging times, months, just trying to keep up with everything school, home, family, friends, and self related. Frankly, I was a hermit in my cave. I’m learning that sometimes, art needs a break to breathe fresh air into it before the artist can return. Constantly growing and learning how to better engage with our art and with life […]

Deeper Journey Within…

It has been a while since I’ve last updated. I’ve been on a deeper inner journey than the present journey of this documentary. I’ve been exposed to more about myself, the light self and especially the shadow self. And after two years of mulling things over and rewriting my application essay at least a million times whilst traveling through California and Oregon, I’ve finally decided to go back to school and take on significant debt to attain my Masters degree. […]

2016 Presidential Elections

Artwork Credit: Marty Kenny The past 24-hours felt like the day I awoke to 9/11. I found it extremely difficult to pry myself away from social media & get on with the rest of my day to focus on every day life, applications, work, food prep, everything… it felt synonymous to being bound to the TV on 9/11, as everything sank in, layer by layer… And then realizing how blessed I am to be in communities, families, where we are so […]

Join Us Tonight in Encinitas! Support Project 509 x Freewaters x Water Warriors Fundraiser

Jesse’s Project 509 is hosting a fundraiser TONIGHT in Encinitas and Dream.Shift.Inspire. is gonna be there! Especially in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, come help expand their projects to bring clean water to rural mountain villages of Haiti. More Details on Facebook:  >> World Premiere of Short Film by Last Breath Film followed by Q&A << >> Complimentary Food & Drinks << >> Silent Auction & Raffle << >> Live Music by Kasondra Kazanjian and Dusty Brough << >> Good Vibes << It’s free to attend. Please RVSP […]

Joshua Tree Music Festival – Message from Jesse Baker,

Working Joshua Tree Music Festival provided the lovely opportunity to capture vibrantly mellow environmentalist, Jesse Baker PhD, Founder of – his inspirational message. His message reminded us to be patient. Everything is happening as it should, even if we oftentimes wish things would happen sooner. Thank you for the reminder, Jesse! Checkout Jesse’s current work in Haiti, Project 509 hiking many miles each day to provide sanitary water systems to remote villages, alleviating water-borne disease epidemics such as […]

Living The Dream… And Laundry

So, it’s a Wednesday, and I as I’ve returned to the city post Joshua Tree Music Festival, I find myself filling in for someone at a family member’s dry cleaning shop. Mu nose always itches when I come here… it’s either the sprays or the dirty clothes. Haha. But every dollar helps. Living the dream after making that major conscious shift also means putting in lots of hard work… often in alternative spaces than that which one studied in school […]

On To The Next Festie: Joshua Tree Music Festival

May 12-15 Super busy packing or repacking All.The.Things. And updating posts here & there… Catching up on bills & recharging batteries (of all kinds 😉 Dad got me a new camp pot. Yay! He was like, “Don’t use your old pot, I used it to boil bleach & sodium to hand wash the special dry cleaning items…” “Um, Dad, I’ve already taken it out on my journey the past couple months… cooking up food to eat…” I love my […]

Today :( …. So I choose to dwell on Yesterday :)

Today has been a really rough day… Some of those closest to me (my parents) do not support my dreams the way I desire their support. And it saddens me to the core. I’ve sat with these emotions for a while now, dwelling in thoughts of failure, wrong choices, where I’m not, not have achieved yet, and what I do not have compared to others, knowing full well these thoughts do not serve me. These thoughts and feelings just weigh […]