Reflections w/ Aliss

​ Soular Harvest Festival (Oct 4 – 6) High Desert, CA

Workshops: “Dream-Shift-Inspire” Opening Ceremony Tribe Circle Oct 4, 6pm – 7pm “You Magical Manifestor, YOU!” Intentions Workshop Oct 5, 9am – 10am “Dream-Shift-Inspire” Message To Your Future Self Workshop Oct 5, 12pm – 1pm  Record Your  “Inspiration Message To Your Future Self” at the Dream-Shift-Inspire Pyramid Sanctuary  

Lightening In A Bottle Festival (Jul 11-15) Temecula, CA:

Workshops: “Dream-Shift-Inspire” Santuary – Duck out of the sun, restore, center, and ground yourself Record Your “Inspiration Message To Your Future Self” at the Dream-Shift-Inspire Pyramid Sanctuary

Lucidity Festival (Apr 12 – 14) Santa Barbara, CA:

Workshops: “You Magical Manifestor, YOU!” Intentions Workshop – Aliss Wang – Zeitgeist Dome, Friday 1-2pm “Creating Freedom With Intelligent Energetic Thought Patterns” – Connie Benedict, Aliss Wang, Zeitgeist Dome, Saturday 11-12pm Record Your Very Own “Message To Your  Future Self” at the Dream-Shift-Inspire Pyramid Lounge

Envision Festival – ​Uvita, Domincal, Costa Rica (Feb 27 – Mar 3)​

The bug struck many of us during our amazing time in Egypt…. such being the case, the documentary gleefully followed many artists who converged in Egypt… to the beautiful lush jungles of Envision Festival in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been really eye opening. It taught us to open our minds, let go of expectations, even if some prominent folk promised us a much looked forward to interview, then backed out onsite without much of an explanation except to hang […]

The Great Convergence (Dec 20 – 28), The Do Lab, Egypt

“Dream.Shift.Inspire” began well before The Great Convergence in Egypt over the 2012 Winter Solstice. We have been blessed all along our journey, bridging communities of dreamers in synchronicity, connecting exactly when we’re supposed to and where we’re supposed to, that brought the dream of this documentary and the lifelong dream of discovering Egypt to reality. Upon arrival at the Mercure Le Sphynx Cairo, jet-lagged and hungry, Aliss decided to venture to the hotel bar to scour for a late night dinner and a […]