Reflections w/ Aliss

Final Hours of Editing AND Humbly Asking For Help From Supporters Near & Far <3

In the last 26 hours-ish of getting the first cut of the documentary short together! It’s looking WOW! Having to comb through the hundreds of hours of footage (and then some) has been incredibly inspiring!!! I didn’t realize when I was filming ie. juggling between keeping the camera stable & participant in frame, battery life, lighting, audio levels (or if the audio was on or static-ridden), any and all environmental noise & interferences,  timing, hunger, energy, staying engaged with the participant(s) with questions, […]

172 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Here’s a great list of documentaries I just found… Some of my favorites are on this list. But I sure do have a lot to learn… Enjoy!

Editing in Oregon

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated here. Simply put, there’s been a lot that’s happened in life, and a lot that has been placed on hold for this project due to limitations on finances. However, that’s not keeping this project on the back burner. No Sir! I’ve taken out this last month to hideaway in a cozy little cottage in Ashland, Oregon, hunkering down to get a rough cut together. That is, a rough cut of the documentary […]

Working Aids Memorial Grove Benefit… To Feed This Artist & Keep This Project Going…

Gratitude for the string of eclectic jobs that have flowed my way so that I can continue to film and work on the fine details to take this project forward… Aids Memorial Grove This is maybe the most lovely moment captured of the event… not including the graveyard shifts in the low 30s guarding the grove… Brrr…. well, there were a couple delightful visits from young bachelors here and there… 😉 I’ll have to upload the other video with a […]

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Inspiration Along The Journey…

Met a bunch of new friends on the Amtrak train, all delightful journey makers from an Amish couple on their 2nd honeymoon who left their organic farming business to their 10 children to look after in Minnesota, to a ten-hour train romance that ended with a lovely kiss at my stop, to sharing my celibacy journey with an enlightening plain clothed (you would’ve never guessed) Catholic Nun accompanied by a Jesuit Priest, to being caroled into happy hour drinks & […]

Yellow Vortex Gathering ~ Electricocoon 5 Year Anniversary (Dec 31, 2014 ~ Jan 4, 2015) SoCal

Join Aliss and Dream.Shift.Inspire. for an opportunity to share and release what you’ve been holding onto, and begin the new year afresh and full of amazing possibilities. We will be filming Inspirational Messages throughout the event beginning on Jan 1st. Hint: We’ll likely be hovering about the Medical Tent heaters (or volunteering a shift there)! Get Your Tickets & Info here: Aliss will be facilitating her signature workshops: Tribe Circle (Main Stage): Jan 1, Thursday 2:30pm (we’ll be gathering at 2:00. Bring […]

Green Ecstasy Festival (Nov. 21 – 23) Taipei, Taiwan

It was a pleasure hugging you, especially those who participated in our hugs, huggassages, (partial) workshops, and hikes atop the amazing 虎山 during the festival. We designed and built this Dream.Shift.Inspire. pyramid lounge in one day thanks to Shinko, Goma, Bruce, and 姜斌. Anything is possible when we put our minds to it. I’m looking forward to leading future workshops & filming more inspirations for my documentary “Dream.Shift.Inspire.” in Taiwan. Feel free to friend me and I’ll add you to […]

YOUtopia – Revelation Revolution: Show Yourself.

San Diego Regional Burning Man Campout (Oct 16 – 19), La Jolla Indian Reservation Ah yes, it’s that time again! One of THE BEST GATHERINGS of the year! We don’t have much filming planned since Aliss is packing in duties as Media Lead, Medical Volunteer, and Playshop Leader. You can find her roaming about between the Medical Tent, her 2 campsites (near Center Camp, & Loveland), and her playshops: You Magical Manifestor, YOU! Friday, 5pm.  Location: End of Indian Flats overlooking […]

“The Artist” – Gone Native Productions – Taipei 48 Hour Film Challenge

One month in Taiwan. One whimsical desire of a dream (whilst on the plane ride there) to work on a film whilst fixing my teeth for a fraction of what it would cost in the US. Got the privilege to work on this short film, my first on a 48-hour challenge! At first meeting, I heard about the project and went out of my comfort zone, daring to ask Tobie Openshaw, the Director/Producer, “Could I be a Production Assistant or be […]

YOUtopia San Diego Burningman DECOM (Oct 17 – 20) San Diego, CA :​

Record Your  “Inspiration Message To Your Future Self” at the Dream-Shift-Inspire Pyramid Sanctuary. Find us parked right between The Temple and The Mural by Hill and Zack!