Reflections w/ Aliss

I Got It! I Got It! I’m An Artist at UnSCruz Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional

I got an art grant from UnSCruz Santa Cruz Burning Man Regional Campout’s very first year of art grants!!! OMG am I really an Artist finally??? Did I really need this to validate my worthiness and the worthiness of this project of projects? YES. A Big Fat YES. I need the validation that these moments of truths are what people need. That the purpose I envision is on point. Why do I need this validation? Because I’m pouring all my […]

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces March 23, 2016! First Real Hugs From Ba!!!

Just an hour ago, I found myself’ streaming endless tears of joy and gratitude in my Father’s garden. I streamed these same vibrant tears the whole drive home from having dropped him off at the airport shuttle stop. Ba doesn’t like to be driven to the airport. He says it wastes gas, money, and time for the driver, and never wishes to trouble anyone else for anything. ANY THING. Emotions, words of love, and hugs are a very distant and […]

Pilgrimage: Envision Festival 2016 Costa Rica

What a wild, hot, humid, challenging, cleansing, and revealing the journey has been these past two weeks in the jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica! Just getting through the muggy days with intermittent sleep cycles and graveyard shift nights as security tested my stamina. It was like the Burn all over again. The 24-hour-ish plague I acquired along with so many others during this journey was like an aya journey, except I was my own shaman, there was no out of […]

Other Sites We Like

We have a new page up!!! It’s Aliss… I’ve transcended from the fear of having the few visitors fly off into other sites that I would list here, to finally realizing this site is here as a steward, to be of service to those who are seeking positive, uplifting, and inspiring media and experiences. It’s not a loss by any means. If anyone finds something valuable they’re looking for because of this site, then it will have served its purpose as […]

Lunar New Year 2016 & New Moon in Aquarius!

Happy Lunar New Year!!! It’s the Chinese and Tibetan year of the Fire Monkey, the 9th animal of the 12 zodiac signs. Monkey is after the 8th (Sheep) and before the 10th (Chicken). It’s also a new moon that is followed by an unusual void moon. We Love astral insights curated by: MysticMamma Fire Monkey February 8, 2016 New Moon in Aquarius February 8, 2016 As we roll into the new year… it’s another opportunity to ask ourselves: What are my […]

January Reset

In reviewing my last post, it’s become clear that it’s time to get real, that the delay was my old pattern of P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N. Thank you to a dear friend who called me out on this pattern yesterday. Being called the biggest procrastinator in someone’s life is Wow, rough. And then this post from MysticMamma… This message is really being driven through and through. What makes one dwell in this pattern of procrastination? I think it stems from fear. Fear of rejection, fear of judgement, […]


If you or someone you know is in need of help in any capacity, please checkout the Help Resource page. Finally getting this page up after so much procrastination this past year… I’m not sure why it took me so long, maybe it’s waiting for the right time, maybe it’s waiting for the right resources to open up to me from friends’ recent Facebook posts. Maybe it’s all just an excuse for feeling like I’ve been out in the abyss […]

WOW! Best GIFT EVER!! Thank you Universe!

The past 4 hours (it’s 6:43am right now in Ashland) has been INCREDIBLE!!!! I just got to share in receiving my very First feedback from a most inspiring connection, neighbor, and friend had received his message and the impact, Wow, the impact of this work. Wow. I still haven’t fully processed it all just yet… because there ought to be tears flowing right now for all that I’ve devoted my life to and put on the line these past few […]

Madness or Genius or Both as One?

… this compelling need to continue to do That which we must do… in the face of all adversity… That which drives us to Being, the deep knowing of who we are and what we feel we’re meant to do here… even if it’s not comprehensible to everyone around us… Healing our lineages past present and future…  because We Want To make a difference in the world…

Closed The Chapter on 2015. Welcoming The Magic of 2016!

As I completed the first rough cut of Dream.Shift.Inspire. by the stroke of the last second, I reflected on the intention to create a focus on a short on the inspirations. However, the flow of the story wanted to become more expansive and incorporative. I’ve always been able to write many many pages… condensing down to succinctness, that is a skill I am learning to master. Thank you for the opportunity to do so with this body of work, and with […]