LiB 2013Dream.Shift.Inspire. is a documentary film and auto-ethnographic creative healing journey for trauma survivors, particularly for survivors of traumatic brain injury.

Whether you have survived a traumatic brain injury or other trauma, and are recreating your life all over again, 

You are not alone.

 After my brain injury, I went into denial for years, pretending to myself and the world that I was OK. It took six years to finally admit, I am not the same person I used to be. During this exceptionally difficult time of losing my mind and recreating myself, I learned to trust that everything is unfolding as it is supposed to in perfect time; that everything will be okay; and that I am and will be OK; even if overwhelmed day and night by the question,

If I am no longer the old me, who am I becoming?

And perhaps more emotionally triggering,

Will people still love me?

Who will love me?

This project was originally about my journey as a scholarship winner to The Great Convergence of 2012 hosted by The Do Lab. Through an unfortunate theft of my camera equipment and footage of my time in Egypt during the end of the Mayan Calendar and the dawn of our new age, and subpar footage resulting form my novice film skills, this project managed to recreate itself into a synchronistic convergence of everyday dream weavers, you, me, and us.  With this embarrassing beginning, I invite you to join the collective inquiry through the altered mind of this traumatic brain injury survivor:

What will you leave for your future self to find when you most need it?

I would like to express my IMMENSE GRATITUDE for the gift of this project, to every person and organization who have contributed from sagely advice and deep soulful hugs, to financial support, food and shelter, to a sense of belonging within a tribe, you have inspired many souls, helped save lives, and you have helped save and inspire me to continue to develop this passion project at my own pace of healing.

May Dream.Shift.Inspire. spark a little something for your life journey.

I’d love to hear your story too.

Aliss Wang