LiB 2013

A Reality That Began From A Dream…

When someone dared to ask….    

What if…

What if we are always preparing & paving the way for our future selves unbeknownst to our present selves? What if we really are more powerful than we believe we are? Or really, believed we were? That belief, is part of what’s already past.  What if we get to create what we really dream of? What if we’ve been magical manifestors all our lives? What if we’ve conjured up exactly where we are and where we’re supposed to be, to be of highest benefit to the lives we touch? What if this was a spiritual journey unbeknownst to our Past Present Future Self?

And the universe said, Now. Better hold on tight. Cuz all the forces of the world from all dimensions have been planning accordingly for this exact moment for you. You just gotta learn to trust.

Dream.Shift.Inspire. is on a mission to alleviate suffering and create more love and joy through individual initiation of your personal truths. Together we experiment connecting each other to our innermost magic, truth, knowing. This is our combined story, the unconventional convergence of everyday dream weavers, you and me and us. We are the LOVE REVOLUTION. We dare to take others with us on the journey of discovery, of self and others as self, and to deliver this one truth

You are not alone. You are Loved and Valued Beyond Measure. You are the Hero in your journey.

Journey with us through the lives of Dreamweavers from all walks of life, taking action towards realizing and living our dreams out loud each and every day, overcoming naysayers from all realms, especially those stemming from our own deepest fears.

The Dream.Shift.Inspire. experience is a traveling documentary and business platform, offering Magical Manifesting, Art of Self Love with Coconut Oil, and Tribe Circle heart opening workshops. We (I) come to wherever called to be, as a catalyst to mutually Inspire, and CoCreate. It can be both. Because, why not? Who says I can’t bridge together all my passions and integrate them into one packaged ever so divinely as long as I’m ready to step into alignment fully and take on the purpose it brings to humanity?

In our deepest knowing, the sacred knowledge of truth, is in the stillness. We discover intimately all that we are, and discover how we connect as Dreamweavers. 

Choices. It all comes down to choices. Which experience do you choose to have in life and with whom? You get to decide how you want to live your life, whether it’s the ritual coffee or mate and bagel every morning, a solid 9-5 job and religious family life, being a jet-set globe-trotting high tech sales & marketer, the crazy life of an actor/actress for the pursuit of the passion of being in That Moment, yes THAT MOMENT, of being so one with creation, or taking on the journey of a lifetime as a documentary filmmaker daring to experiment with life itself, and witnessing that sublime superconscious self and manifestor of dreams to unfold… that is a lifetime enabling you to travel the world doing exactly what you love doing, and being in that oh so natural element that you create the most out of, and hopefully, someone will recognize your gift and honor it with right energy exchange.

Do you dare to live your life to the fullest to realize your Dreams, your life passions that you know will make a difference to humanity?  And be completely enraptured in living so fully in the moment, that in the face of having the last couple hundred dollars, or maybe last couple dollars in your name, still continue onward pursuing your craft, trusting that everything is unfolding as it is supposed to in perfect time? And in the process, maybe spark a little something in others to take action in their life in the direction of their dreams… because they do become real. Like the saying goes,

“Be careful what you wish for. They might just come true…”

We love and appreciate donations thru Paypal to help further the work of “Dream.Shift.Inspire”, a passion project since its inception in the manifestation of a giant dream of dreams that realized as physical reality in 2012, that of Aliss winning the Do Lab Great Convergence Scholarship to Egypt that awakened the exploration and connections with luminaries seen and unseen, fulfilling the life purpose of birthing something positively impactful for the world beyond the self. This project weaves stories of magic for everyone on this journey of self discovery, purpose, and possibilities. Funding helps to take this active experiment to the next level to inspire the creative genius inside each of us to continue cultivating That which is our essence of being, and learning to trust in the great unfolding of the universe in our best benefit as we continue to be of service to the world, trusting that we will be supported in all ways always, and thrive happily in this world, discovering what it is that really drives the innermost Me.