Monthly Archives: May 2016

Joshua Tree Music Festival – Message from Jesse Baker,

Working Joshua Tree Music Festival provided the lovely opportunity to capture vibrantly mellow environmentalist, Jesse Baker PhD, Founder of – his inspirational message. His message reminded us to be patient. Everything is happening as it should, even if we oftentimes wish things would happen sooner. Thank you for the reminder, Jesse! Checkout Jesse’s current work in Haiti, Project 509 hiking many miles each day to provide sanitary water systems to remote villages, alleviating water-borne disease epidemics such as […]

Living The Dream… And Laundry

So, it’s a Wednesday, and I as I’ve returned to the city post Joshua Tree Music Festival, I find myself filling in for someone at a family member’s dry cleaning shop. Mu nose always itches when I come here… it’s either the sprays or the dirty clothes. Haha. But every dollar helps. Living the dream after making that major conscious shift also means putting in lots of hard work… often in alternative spaces than that which one studied in school […]

On To The Next Festie: Joshua Tree Music Festival

May 12-15 Super busy packing or repacking All.The.Things. And updating posts here & there… Catching up on bills & recharging batteries (of all kinds 😉 Dad got me a new camp pot. Yay! He was like, “Don’t use your old pot, I used it to boil bleach & sodium to hand wash the special dry cleaning items…” “Um, Dad, I’ve already taken it out on my journey the past couple months… cooking up food to eat…” I love my […]

Today :( …. So I choose to dwell on Yesterday :)

Today has been a really rough day… Some of those closest to me (my parents) do not support my dreams the way I desire their support. And it saddens me to the core. I’ve sat with these emotions for a while now, dwelling in thoughts of failure, wrong choices, where I’m not, not have achieved yet, and what I do not have compared to others, knowing full well these thoughts do not serve me. These thoughts and feelings just weigh […]