Monthly Archives: March 2016

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces March 23, 2016! First Real Hugs From Ba!!!

Just an hour ago, I found myself’ streaming endless tears of joy and gratitude in my Father’s garden. I streamed these same vibrant tears the whole drive home from having dropped him off at the airport shuttle stop. Ba doesn’t like to be driven to the airport. He says it wastes gas, money, and time for the driver, and never wishes to trouble anyone else for anything. ANY THING. Emotions, words of love, and hugs are a very distant and […]

Pilgrimage: Envision Festival 2016 Costa Rica

What a wild, hot, humid, challenging, cleansing, and revealing the journey has been these past two weeks in the jungles of Uvita, Costa Rica! Just getting through the muggy days with intermittent sleep cycles and graveyard shift nights as security tested my stamina. It was like the Burn all over again. The 24-hour-ish plague I acquired along with so many others during this journey was like an aya journey, except I was my own shaman, there was no out of […]