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Final Hours of Editing AND Humbly Asking For Help From Supporters Near & Far <3

In the last 26 hours-ish of getting the first cut of the documentary short together! It’s looking WOW! Having to comb through the hundreds of hours of footage (and then some) has been incredibly inspiring!!! I didn’t realize when I was filming ie. juggling between keeping the camera stable & participant in frame, battery life, lighting, audio levels (or if the audio was on or static-ridden), any and all environmental noise & interferences,  timing, hunger, energy, staying engaged with the participant(s) with questions, […]

172 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Here’s a great list of documentaries I just found… Some of my favorites are on this list. But I sure do have a lot to learn… Enjoy!

Editing in Oregon

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated here. Simply put, there’s been a lot that’s happened in life, and a lot that has been placed on hold for this project due to limitations on finances. However, that’s not keeping this project on the back burner. No Sir! I’ve taken out this last month to hideaway in a cozy little cottage in Ashland, Oregon, hunkering down to get a rough cut together. That is, a rough cut of the documentary […]