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Working Aids Memorial Grove Benefit… To Feed This Artist & Keep This Project Going…

Gratitude for the string of eclectic jobs that have flowed my way so that I can continue to film and work on the fine details to take this project forward… Aids Memorial Grove This is maybe the most lovely moment captured of the event… not including the graveyard shifts in the low 30s guarding the grove… Brrr…. well, there were a couple delightful visits from young bachelors here and there… 😉 I’ll have to upload the other video with a […]

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Inspiration Along The Journey…

Met a bunch of new friends on the Amtrak train, all delightful journey makers from an Amish couple on their 2nd honeymoon who left their organic farming business to their 10 children to look after in Minnesota, to a ten-hour train romance that ended with a lovely kiss at my stop, to sharing my celibacy journey with an enlightening plain clothed (you would’ve never guessed) Catholic Nun accompanied by a Jesuit Priest, to being caroled into happy hour drinks & […]